Chip Tuning

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Chip Tuning

In order to improve the power of tractors and harvesters, as well as reducing fuel cost per acre, we can provide our customers with an upgrade of the product’s initial software. However, this is only possible as long as the injector model, cylindrical capacity and the functioning parameters of the turbocharger allow us to undertake this action.

Our company can also identify and resolve issues related to ad-blue and DPF installations.

Software modification process:
1. Identifying customers’ demands and expectations.
2. Diagnosing faults with the machinery.
3. Establishing the correct parameters to upgrade the software.

Software modification results:
– Optimal adjustment of the injection’s characteristics (the balance between air and fuel), the duration of the injection, the pressure, the fuel quantity as well as the torque limiter.
– Depending on the type of engine and the cylindrical capacity, we can improve its power by 5-30%. In regards to the torque limiter, an improvement of 5-25% can be achieved.
– The cost and use of fuel can be reduced by 5-10%