This WARRANTY covers the repair or replacement of Turbocharger/Cartridge for the failure of parts supplied and work carried out by Kaptah Tehnoserv SRL.

No money refunds will be given. Vane cleans and check-overs are not covered by the Warranty. This WARRANTY does not cover any ancillary charges such as removal and refitting/hire of vehicles etc. If your turbo includes an electronic actuator, this will be tested to confirm that it works on the unit – this is not covered by the Warranty.

Turbocharger Warranty lasts for the duration of twelve months from the date of invoice. Turbocharger for 1.6HDi engine is an exception with a Warranty period of one month due to common engine faults.

Please note: all products must be installed by a qualified mechanic at a registered garage. Failure to do this will invalidate any Warranty and breach the returns policy.

Once an item has been returned to us under Warranty for assessment and verification of the fault, we shall test and carry out a thorough inspection. Once the inspection has been completed we will issue a report with the findings. Turbochargers returned under Warranty that are subsequently found to have no fault will incur a re-test charge of between 50-100 ron.

Turbochargers/Cartridges returned to us as faulty and found to be damaged by incorrect fitting or contamination from other parts of the vehicle are not covered under the Warranty. A report will be given as well as a quote for any required repairs. If a repair is not required, the Turbocharger will be returned to the purchaser, who will be charged the appropriate courier costs.

Based on the test report we will repair or replace faulty items without charge. All Warranty work is to be carried out by Kaptah Tehnoserv SRL. All Turbochargers returned under Warranty will be returned to you only once repair work has been completed.

This warranty excludes any damage caused by the user and is given subject to us having no liability in respect of any defect arising from wear and tear, willful damage, negligence, tampering of the turbocharger/cartridge, incorrect fitting by you or a third party, abnormal working conditions, failure to follow our and/or the goods manufacturers instructions either oral or in writing, misuse or alteration or repair of the items without our permission.

The Warranty will NOT be valid if:
– You are not able to provide our warrant sheet and invoice issued with purchase.
– You cannot support the Warranty claim with a valid main dealer invoice for the required parts e.g. oil filter, air filter, new oil, banjo bolts, oil feed pipe, drain pipe and any other parts requiring changing (please refer to the fitting instruction), and an invoice from a professional garage / mechanic for the fitting of those parts.
– The Turbocharger has any visible impact damage e.g. cartridge compressor wheel from a foreign object.
– There is damage to the Actuator Housing.
– The Turbocharger Cartridge housing and inside parts present a blue colour, an indication of overheating due to oil starvation.
– The Turbocharger seals are broken, unless you have prior permission from us in writing.
– Your vehicle ECU was remapped.

Please call us before returning Turbochargers/Cartridges. It may be possible that we can consult with you and help to fix the problem without you having to return the turbocharger/cartridge to us.